At the Rafinerija Nafte Beograd we have experienced staff, technology and spatial capacity that allow us to provide the services of highest standards to our clients.


Laboratory services

The Laboratory of Rafinerija Nafte Beograd is accredited according to the requirements of the SRPS ISO IEC 17025: 2017 standard by ATS.

Our offer consists of a wide variety of physical, chemical and mechanical tests in the field of analysis of lubricants, industrial oils and related products, antifreeze, brake fluids. Additionally, we can provide checking and monitoring of oils from exploitation and analysis of used oils.


Storage services

Our warehouse space is specifically set and prepared for the handling and storing of raw materials, packaging and final products.


Weighing service

We offer the service of weighing cargo vehicles on our factory weighbridge 24h per day.


Manufacturing services

We have the capacity for the toll manufacturing of a wide range of oils and lubricants: for industrial machinery, for agricultural machinery, for passenger and commercial vehicles.



As an environmentally aware company, we actively provide services in waste oil management.