The Logistics Department has 15 (fifteen) employees and consists of 4 (four) organizational segments:

1. Raw materials storage
The raw materials storage consists of a warehouse with room for 360 paletts on racks (140-250 tons) and 39 tanks with the total volume of cca 10,000 m3.

This storage also has an electronic weighing bridge for trucks with the capacity from 400 kg to 50,000 kg. The weighing service operates 24h, for 12 months of the year. It is calibrated each year. Payment is made by transfer order, once a month, on the basis of the price list and the contract.

2. Packaging storage
The packaging storage consists of a warehouse with 1,000 m2 of room on two levels, and is located right next to the packaging production plant and the new filling plant.

3. Final products storage
The final products storage consists of the old section and the new section. The old section has room for around 500 palette positions. The new warehouse (reconstructed in 2008) has room for 2,100 paletts. The total capacity of the storage is cca 1,250 tons.

4. Manipulation

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