The laboratory was founded more than 60 years ago as a separate organizational unit of Antikor, Naftagas and Oil Refinery Belgrade.

Nowadays, this is a modern accredited laboratory, an integral part of the Oil Refinery Belgrade joint stock company, with 8 employed staff, who perform around 150 different chemical, physical-chemical and mechanical tests. The strength of the Laboratory lies in its modern equipment, quality and expertise of the staff, who guarantee quick and reliable test results.

The development of the quality system guarantees the modern functioning of the laboratory and work in keeping with requirements of the standard SRPS ISO 9001:2015 and SRPS ISO 17025:2017.

The Laboratory of the Oil Refinery Belgrade is accredited according to requirements of the standard SRPS ISO 17025:2017 by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), on September 29th, 2004, decision No. 01-102, which confirmed its competence and equipping for performing 61 different accredited standard test methods in the field of analysis of lubricants, industrial oils and similar products, antifreeze, brake fluids, monitoring of oils in exploitation and analyses of waste oils.


“The goal of the laboratory is to secure reliable test results within favorable deadlines, through the quality of its services, and thus secure a leading position and competitiveness on the market.


As one of the segments of the business system in the organizational scheme of RNB, the Laboratory is an independent whole, under direct control of the general director of the Oil Refinery Belgrade. The RNB Laboratory is one of the most important links in the production chain of RNB, from receiving the raw materials, via various inter-phase controls to detailed control of final products. It consists of the following segments:

  • Laboratory for chemical tests
  • Laboratory for physical-chemical and mechanical tests
  • Logistics


The employees in the laboratory are engineers and technicians with massive experience and knowledge. Work is constantly under way on the introduction of new test methods and harmonization with world trends.
Another proof of the precision and expertise of the personnel is participation in the inter-laboratory testing (ASTM-U.S., SGS-The Netherlands…).


Protection of confidentiality of test results is one of the basic tasks of every employee. Test results are a trade secret and are treated as such. Certain tests results may be published, when that is requested and approved by the party that ordered the tests.


The basic activity of the Laboratory is the testing of samples. The Laboratory performs more than 20,000 tests, using around 200 different national and international standards (SRPS, ISO, IEC, EN, DIN, ASTM, IP, CEC…), which means that we meet all the requirements of our clients.

The Laboratory provides the following services:

  • Quality control of final products of RNB
  • Control and analysis of raw materials that enter the Refinery
  • Water analyses demineralized water
  • Quality control of semi-products and final products, throughout the production process
  • Water analyses (from the city supply system, demineralized water, boiler water, surface water and waste water)
  • Control of products and their monitoring in exploitation
  • Manual retrieval of samples of liquid oil derivatives SRPS EN ISO 3170:2008

Laboratory tests required by clients, in keeping with market demands, product specifications (ACEA, API, SAE, ISO, ASTM) and the Rules on technical and other requirements for lubricants, industrial oils and similar products (“Official Gazette of Serbia-Montenegro, No. 62/2004).